Opticom Kenya Ltd offers round the clock surveillance to your people, property and assets using state-of-the-art security systems.

We design, install, maintain and monitor security systems from our control room and offer real-time response to any unprecedented incidences. We are regional markets specialists of a wide range of electronic security solutions and integrated fire safety systems.

Our fully trained control room operatives ensure that you have peace of mind as you go about your daily duties. We offer a comprehensive customer service experience that delivers value to you.


Opticom Kenya is a wholly owned subsidiary of Optimum Security Group incorporated in the United Kingdom. For 8 years, Opticom has been a pace-setter in providing security solution systems in the region.

We also lead in other wide range flexible and scalable fire and security services led solutions which include consultancy, risk assessment surveys, training and project management as well as leveraging end to end security solutions that guarantee clients’ peace of mind at all times.

We have heightened our services to international best practice and ISO quality standards. Our fully equipped facility can monitor up to 30,000 cameras making it the largest of a kind facility in East & Central Africa.


Tim Chege
Chairman & CEO

Tim is the founder and driving force behind both Optimum Security Group (UK) and Opticom Kenya. He serves as Chairman & CEO of both businesses. He is a seasoned businessman and established Optimum as a 23year old in a foreign country.

Robert Chege
Operations Director

Robert serves as Operations Director and Country Manager – Kenya. He brings a wealth of experience in operations and project management gained studying and working in Denmark, UK and Kenya. He has a technical background in building and construction.