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          • CCTV/Video Surveillance

            CCTV surveillance solutions can help reduce crime and provide valuable insight and documentation for businesses.

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            Access control is a tool by which you can maintain security of your premises locally or remotely.

    • Time & Attendance
          • Time & Attendance

            Effective time management systems are frameworks and techniques designed to help people manage their time better

    • Physical Security
          • Physical Security

            An electric fence is a powerful perimeter intruder detection system which can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or wall.

    • Alarm & Detection
          • Alarm & Detection

            Installing reliable alarm detection solutions is the easiest way for businesses to help prevent break-ins.

    • Preventing Fire
          • Preventing Fire

            The goal of fire prevention is to ensure the relevant personnel such as family members and staffs are adequately educated

    • Detecting Fire
          • Detecting Fire

            Whilst the main focus of your fire protection strategy should be to prevent fire, should a fire accidentally break out

    • Containing Fire
          • Containing Fire

            This involves reducing the heat output of a fire, reducing the area over which the fire exists or suppressing or extinguishing the fire.

    • Escaping Fire
          • Escaping Fire

            No fire safety strategy is complete without the final part of the plan – escaping fire safely.

    • Building Management
          • Building Management

            Building Management Services(BMS) provide a single sea for monitoring and control

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            Opticom has a proven track record of working with small and medium sized businesses.

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            Multi-site organisations face additional challenges in protecting their employees, customers, premises and assets from the threat of fire and theft.

    • Major Projects
          • Major Projects

            In today’s fast-moving world, one of the most important aspects in safeguarding national or corporate security is information.

    • Smart Construction
          • Smart Construction

            Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is based on the principle that proper design and effective use of buildings and public spaces

    • Finance Solutions
          • Financial Solutions

            A financial institution’s reputation and profitability are based on how well it proves to customers that it is serious about protecting their assets and investments.

    • Educational Institutions
          • Educational Institutions

            When enrolling a child into school, one of the frequent concerns for parents is usually how safe the institution is.

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Security systems play a crucial role in safeguarding our homes, churches, businesses, and other assets. However, merely installing a security system is not enough. Regular service and maintenance are vital to ensure optimal functionality and reliable protection.

Why Service and Maintenance?

1. Cost Savings:

Detecting and addressing minor issues early on prevents them from becoming major problems that require expensive repairs or replacements, saving money in the long run.

2. Optimal Performance:

Regular service and maintenance ensure that security systems operate at peak performance. By conducting routine inspections, technicians can identify and rectify any issues, ensuring that the system functions as intended.

3. Prevent security breakdowns:

Over time, security systems can wear out and become less effective. Regular servicing can help to identify and fix any potential problems before they cause a breakdown.

4. Minimize false alarms:

False alarms can be annoying and disruptive; they can also damage your credibility with the police. Regular servicing reduces the number of false alarms by ensuring that your system is properly calibrated and that all sensors are fully functional.

5. Maximizing System Lifespan:

Proper maintenance can help extend the life of your security system by preventing wear and tear on the components.

6. Enhancing Security Effectiveness:

Security systems need to adapt to changing threats and technological advancements. Regular maintenance allows for updates, upgrades, and integration of new features and capabilities.

7. Regulatory Compliance:

Many industries and organizations are subject to specific security regulations and compliance requirements. Regular servicing and maintenance of security systems help meet these requirements and demonstrate adherence to applicable standards.

8. Peace of Mind:

Regular servicing and maintenance offer reassurance that your security systems are actively guarding your premises, assets, and personnel, allowing you to focus on your core activities without worrying about security vulnerabilities.


Service and maintenance of CCTV systems

Service and maintenance of CCTV systems


How then are security systems serviced and maintained?

  1. Routine Inspections:

Regular inspections involve visually examining components of the security system, such as cameras, sensors, and wiring. This ensures everything is in working order, and identifies potential issues early on.

  1. Cleaning and Calibration:

Cleaning involves removing dirt, dust, and debris from components to maintain their functionality and clarity. Calibration involves adjusting settings and parameters to ensure accurate readings and optimal performance.

  1. Software Updates and Upgrades:

Regular updates and upgrades ensure the system has the latest security patches, bug fixes, and features to stay current and secure.

  1. Battery Replacement:

Security systems that include battery-powered components, such as wireless sensors or backup power supplies, require regular battery replacement to ensure continued operation during power outages.

  1. Repair and Replacement:

When components of the security system are damaged or malfunctioning, repair or replacement is required. This may involve fixing the wiring, replacing faulty sensors or cameras, or upgrading outdated equipment.

  1. System Integration:

Service and maintenance can include integrating new components or features into an existing security system. This may involve adding additional cameras, expanding access control systems, or integrating new technology for improved functionality.

  1. User Training and Support:

Service and maintenance can also involve providing training and support to system users. This ensures that individuals are knowledgeable about the proper use and operation of the security system and can effectively utilize its features.


It is important to note that the specific types of service and maintenance required for a security system may vary depending on the system’s complexity, manufacturer recommendations, and industry standards.

Consulting with the system provider or a professional security company can help determine the specific types of service and maintenance needed for your security system.

Service and maintenance are critical aspects of ensuring security systems’ reliable performance and longevity. Investing time and effort in service and maintenance offers peace of mind, knowing that your security system is in excellent working condition and ready to safeguard what matters most to you.

At Opticom Kenya Limited, an Optimum Group Partnerships UK Company, we understand that the safety and security of your premises, assets, and personnel are of utmost importance. We offer comprehensive service and maintenance solutions covering fire, CCTV, alarm, and access control systems.


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