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            CCTV surveillance solutions can help reduce crime and provide valuable insight and documentation for businesses.

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            Access control is a tool by which you can maintain security of your premises locally or remotely.

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            Effective time management systems are frameworks and techniques designed to help people manage their time better

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            An electric fence is a powerful perimeter intruder detection system which can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or wall.

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            Installing reliable alarm detection solutions is the easiest way for businesses to help prevent break-ins.

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            The goal of fire prevention is to ensure the relevant personnel such as family members and staffs are adequately educated

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            Whilst the main focus of your fire protection strategy should be to prevent fire, should a fire accidentally break out

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            This involves reducing the heat output of a fire, reducing the area over which the fire exists or suppressing or extinguishing the fire.

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            No fire safety strategy is complete without the final part of the plan – escaping fire safely.

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            Building Management Services(BMS) provide a single sea for monitoring and control

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            Opticom has a proven track record of working with small and medium sized businesses.

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            Multi-site organisations face additional challenges in protecting their employees, customers, premises and assets from the threat of fire and theft.

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            In today’s fast-moving world, one of the most important aspects in safeguarding national or corporate security is information.

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            Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is based on the principle that proper design and effective use of buildings and public spaces

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            A financial institution’s reputation and profitability are based on how well it proves to customers that it is serious about protecting their assets and investments.

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            When enrolling a child into school, one of the frequent concerns for parents is usually how safe the institution is.

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Relying on deferred maintenance puts your systems at risk for lost productivity and increased costs. But what benefits do regular service and maintenance have to your safety and security systems?

Many Security Systems management teams choose to operate under an “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” management style, but relying solely on deferred maintenance leaves your system vulnerable to added costs and lost productivity. Performing routine preventive maintenance ensures your system runs efficiently and offers you peace of mind.

Let us look at some 7 benefits of regular service and maintenance. Covered here are:

  1. Lengthen asset lifespan

Arguably, the most important benefit of preventive maintenance is lengthened the lifespan of assets. Keeping your equipment in good condition allows it to run longer, lowering costs. MTBF—mean time between failures—is a common KPI used by system administrators to make informed maintenance decisions. Tracking information like MTBF allows you to plan preventive maintenance at just the right moment, catching the equipment before a breakdown.

The power of a good downtime tracking system is so impactful that 78% of companies that track and implement preventive maintenance report seeing an increase in their equipment’s lifespan.

  1. Lower risk of breakdowns

Decreased risk of breakdowns is another key benefit of service and maintenance. In fact, most of the benefits listed here occur primarily as a result of lowered risk of breakdown. Waiting to perform maintenance until failure puts your facility at risk of lost productivity and a damaged reputation.

Only about 10% or less of security systems ever truly wear out from proper use– this means that 90% of system failures are due to preventable problems, avoidable with a good preventative maintenance plan in place. By proactively scheduling maintenance you can significantly lower the risk of your equipment failing, giving you peace of mind as a facilities leader.

  1. Increase efficiency

Along with lasting longer, equipment that sees routine preventive maintenance also runs more efficiently. OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, is a commonly used maintenance management KPI that measures the efficiency. OEE rates equipment in three categories: availability, performance, and quality.

A piece of equipment like an HVAC Unit sees improvement across the board as a result of preventive maintenance.

Availability: Downtime for reactive maintenance is typically longer than downtime for scheduled preventive maintenance, choosing preventive maintenance means more uptime and availability of equipment.

Performance: Properly maintained HVAC units can better maintain the air at a set temperature and disperse it evenly throughout the space.

Quality: An HVAC unit that regularly has the air filter and coils cleaned will heat and cool more effectively and produce cleaner, higher-quality air.

CCTV Surveillance System service and maintenance

Improve system efficiency and extend the longevity

  1. Decrease unplanned downtime

Whether you decide to rely on reactive or preventive maintenance, system downtime is inevitable when maintenance is being performed. However, downtime can be significantly reduced by scheduling maintenance in advance with a preventive maintenance plan. In the case of a reactive maintenance repair, the system’s downtime might be extended by wait times.

When preventive maintenance is performed you have the opportunity to schedule the procedure at a convenient time for you and your facility (i.e. when occupants are out of the building or operations have concluded for the day), minimizing disruptions in production and efficiency.

  1. Promote health and safety

Accurately tracking and performing preventive maintenance can also improve the health and safety of your facility.  In the context of preventive maintenance, health and safety are often thought of as primarily a concern in facilities with dangerous equipment, but health and safety are important in every facility– even office buildings and schools.

Tracking preventive maintenance with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) will allow you to oversee all equipment in your facility and store important safety information in one digital hub. Using CMMS software also simplifies safety audits—with a few clicks on a smartphone, the complete maintenance history and safety protocols for all equipment items will become available. Preventive maintenance and CMMS software can assist your facility with fire safety readiness.

  1. Boost customer satisfaction

Ensuring equipment is always running as efficiently as possible directly translates to cost savings and increased revenue, but it also helps to create a strong brand image and boost customer satisfaction. In facilities manufacturing goods for sale, practicing preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns and maintain the quality of the goods produced guarantees customer satisfaction with the product, which in turn strengthens brand image.

Even in facilities that don’t produce goods for sale, “customers” can be the staff or students working on-site. In office spaces and schools a comfortable environment is proven to increase productivity—preventive maintenance can ensure productivity is never lost to a broken-down HVAC unit.

  1. Save money

All of the reasons discussed above lead back to one ultimate benefit of service and maintenance: it saves money. Unplanned maintenance typically costs 3 to 9 times more than planned maintenance.

Emergency reactive maintenance has to accommodate the cost of the rushed call, compensation for specialized technicians, and lost sales revenue or productivity while the system isn’t in use. Even worse, failing to properly implement preventive maintenance could result in the need for a full system replacement, causing costs to soar.

The upfront costs of performing preventive maintenance may seem intimidating at first, especially if your facility is operating under a tight budget. However, maintaining your security and safety systems is an investment in your company’s future.

Benefits of Service and Maintenance

Proactive service and maintenance enhance system efficiency and ensure optimal performance reducing downtimes.


Performing preventive maintenance prolongs the life of your equipment, reduces downtime, decreases reactive maintenance requests, helps you manage compliance and inspection needs, and prevents costly emergency repairs from occurring.

Ready to pinpoint the areas of service and maintenance you should be focused on? At Opticom Kenya Limited we offer specialized preventive maintenance solutions focused on Fire Safety systems, Access Control Systems, CCTV Surveillance Systems, and Alarm Systems. Contact us to gain insights into how your safety and security systems can be improved with service and maintenance plans.

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