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            CCTV surveillance solutions can help reduce crime and provide valuable insight and documentation for businesses.

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            Access control is a tool by which you can maintain security of your premises locally or remotely.

    • Time & Attendance
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            Effective time management systems are frameworks and techniques designed to help people manage their time better

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            An electric fence is a powerful perimeter intruder detection system which can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or wall.

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            Installing reliable alarm detection solutions is the easiest way for businesses to help prevent break-ins.

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            The goal of fire prevention is to ensure the relevant personnel such as family members and staffs are adequately educated

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          • Detecting Fire

            Whilst the main focus of your fire protection strategy should be to prevent fire, should a fire accidentally break out

    • Containing Fire
          • Containing Fire

            This involves reducing the heat output of a fire, reducing the area over which the fire exists or suppressing or extinguishing the fire.

    • Escaping Fire
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            No fire safety strategy is complete without the final part of the plan – escaping fire safely.

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            Building Management Services(BMS) provide a single sea for monitoring and control

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            Opticom has a proven track record of working with small and medium sized businesses.

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            Multi-site organisations face additional challenges in protecting their employees, customers, premises and assets from the threat of fire and theft.

    • Major Projects
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            In today’s fast-moving world, one of the most important aspects in safeguarding national or corporate security is information.

    • Smart Construction
          • Smart Construction

            Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is based on the principle that proper design and effective use of buildings and public spaces

    • Finance Solutions
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            A financial institution’s reputation and profitability are based on how well it proves to customers that it is serious about protecting their assets and investments.

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            When enrolling a child into school, one of the frequent concerns for parents is usually how safe the institution is.

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Ensuring the safety and security of your home is of paramount importance. Implementing effective home security measures has become essential with the rise in property crimes and burglary incidents.

By taking proactive steps, you can safeguard your family, and possessions, and have peace of mind.

This article will explore ten essential home security tips to help you fortify your home against potential threats.


Lock All Doors and Windows

Always lock all doors and windows before leaving your home or going to bed. It’s a simple yet effective way to deter intruders.

Install a Security System

Consider investing in a home security system that includes cameras, motion detectors, and alarms. This can deter potential intruders and alert you and the authorities in case of a break-in.

Security System for Homes

Home Security Systems


Outdoor Lighting

Install motion-activated outdoor lighting around your property, especially near entrances, pathways, and dark areas. A well-lit exterior can discourage burglars.


Secure Sliding Doors and Windows

Use security bars or dowels to reinforce sliding doors and windows, making them harder to pry open.

Home security tips

Secured home windows


Be Mindful of Spare Keys

Avoid hiding spare keys outside your home, as burglars are adept at finding them. Instead, give a spare key to a trusted neighbour or invest in a keyless entry system.

Be Cautious with Social Media

Avoid posting travel plans or extended absences on social media platforms. You don’t want to broadcast that your home is vacant.

Use Timers for Lights

When you’re away, use timers or smart plugs to turn on lights and electronics at random intervals. This gives the impression that someone is home.

Using lighting systems for home security

Lighting systems for home security

Educate Family Members

Teach everyone in your household about security procedures, including how to arm and disarm the alarm system.

Don’t Advertise New Purchases

Dispose of product packaging discreetly to avoid showing potential thieves what expensive items you have inside your home.

Create a Neighbourhood Watch:

Engage with your neighbours to establish a neighbourhood watch program. Collaborating with the community to look out for suspicious activities enhances security and fosters a sense of collective responsibility.

Safe communities

Neighbourhood Watch


By implementing these home security tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of burglary and create a safer environment for your family and property


At Opticom Kenya Limited, an Optimum Group Partnerships UK Company, we design and install security systems and solutions tailored to your needs.

We draw on our 25 years combined experience in Kenya and the United Kingdom in security to deliver comprehensive protection management services preventing crime before it happens.

Do not hesitate to contact us on 0207909011 or email info@opticom.co.ke for your safety and security needs.

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