Breathing Apparatus

A while back, firefighters were more concerned about the occupational hazards of heat and flames when dealing with a fire emergency. While the dangers posed by heat and flames are not insignificant, firefighters are now more aware of the health threat posed by toxic gas fumes and smoke given off by burning furniture, electronics and building material thus giving rise to the need for breathing apparatus.

Almost everything is a house or office is made from inorganic materials, and when it burns these inorganic materials increase the level of toxicity of fumes. Modern compounds made of inorganic material are not the only concern. Even the materials with which modern buildings and homes are constructed from create a toxic and carcinogenic environment during a fire.

Firefighters are not the only ones who are taking full advantage of fire breathing apparatus. Breathing Apparatus are also used by people who work in gas refineries, mines, environmental-disaster sites and chemical plants. Essentially, they are used anywhere toxic substances are present.

There is no doubt that breathing apparatus have been and will continue to be, an essential weapon in the arsenal of firefighting. However, it is critical that the right breathing apparatus is acquired from the right retailer; a retailer who understands the importance and effects of  the apparatus. Let us walk with you through this journey.