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Concerns over security measures in the institutional sector have risen over the years. These institutions have become the target for crime and terrorism acts hence the need for effective security measures.

Opticom understands that such institutions might have limited resources to afford a state of the art security system. We therefore have tailored our products to suit different clients without compromising the value of service given.

Our access control equipment is used extensively in colleges and schools to restrict unauthorized access. Areas accommodating valuable equipment such as libraries, IT suites or laboratories, as well as ‘secure’ areas such as halls of residence, records offices, staff rooms or medical facilities, are equipped with our equipment.


Opticom Kenya offers a wide range of services in this sector. From perimeter fencing, intrusion detection, access control and IP CCTV cameras monitored 24/7 we are able to protect schools and higher learning facilities to prevent distraction and loss that hinders the productivity of students and teachers alike.

We are able to comprehensively manage these systems to track, monitor and even limit access to some areas. It will be a seamless transition from the current systems as no additional staff will be deployed, if anything the number of man guards can be reduced to in turn reduce chance of error by integrating the system to a common security platform that can be managed internally or from our control center.

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  • Secure perimeter fence to ensure students stay within the correct areas and ensure entry for unauthorized points is not possible.
  • Intrusion detection systems will ensure any trespassers are nabbed in the act.
  • Access control the smart card technology will track employees, students and visitors as well as limit access to classrooms, dorms and specialized facilities. At entry points the system can count how many people have come in and have left, to know how many people are in the institution at any given time
  • IP CCTV Cameras will be your eyes on the ground to ensure everything goes as planned, in the event something is missed by the internal team it shall be noted by the controllers at the ARC.
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