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Fire: Know the Facts

All across the world, fire is known as one of the most dangerous phenomena. In Kenya, according to the National Disaster Operations Centre, in the year 2014 between the months of January and February, 71 fires were reported in Nairobi alone. These fires resulted in the loss of 2,016 jobs, 376 houses, 113 shops, 2 […]

Out With The Old In With The New – Opticom Re-brand

Sooner or later the time comes when your corporate identity is no longer up to scratch. Recognizing when this is the case is difficult, but in the life of a business various moments arise that lend themselves very well to a change, or even necessitate one. On average, organisations and brands change their corporate identities […]

Unveiling Risk

In security, unveiling risk refers to showing the customer where potential loss of value lies. It may not be as straight forward as predicted, it’s a process that involves expert assessment of the premises and environment in order to know where the potential dangers lie. At Opticom we employ the onion ring method. This is […]